Sunday, April 9, 2017

1st Anniversary Toast & Room Party

That's right, folks...
This year in addition to our annual toast at [url=]JordanCon[/url], we will be holding our first official pinning ceremony!
Any Dedicated or full Asha'man wishing to participate in the ceremony, should let us know ASAP.  We're trying to get a head count, so that we can plan accordingly.

Courtesy of our amazing friends at JordanCon, we have the room for the whole night.  So, we will be hosting our own room party during the dance this year!

Come to see me stick pins on peoples collars, after putting back a few.  Come back to grab a slice of pizza, in between rounds of dancing like nobody's watching.

The fun starts at 7pm, April 22nd, in room 332.
Free admission, donations welcome.

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