Sunday, December 4, 2016

Horn of Valere & the Heroes of the Horn

Haeva Stone on December 04, 2016 12:16:46PM:
I was reading some interview snippits concerning the Heroes of the Horn. In the text it's implied that they will fight for either the Dark or Light depending on which side the Hornsounder is on. However, it later states, and some answers to questions in interviews, states that no, they will only fight for the Light. The whole issue seemed a bit confused, IMHO, but I've come up with a theory that might satisfy.
I'd be very interested in seeing what everyone else thinks :) I've not seen this theory elsewhere, so I'm hoping it's original!
How far are the Heroes of the Horn able to invoke free will? Perhaps they will always be summoned when the Horn is blown, but if it's blown by a Darkfriend, maybe they would have the option of saying "screw that" and simply refuse to fight for the Shadow.
Lael Miskeri on December 18, 2016 10:10:40PM:
In TGH, when they arrive... doesn't Hawking comment about how they come to the call of the Horn, but they follow the Banner of the Dragon? Because they're not willing to budge until Rand unfurls the Banner. I have to believe that they are still sentient, and so have a measure of Free Will, but they are working as agents of the Creator to support the battle for the Light. Perhaps, and this is possibly the question... if the Dragon has Fallen, the sounding of the Horn will either pit the Heroes against Him (if the Sounder still follows the Light) or they won't come at all, if the Sounder is the Fallen Dragon or someone on his side?
Haeva Stone on January 02, 2017 02:43:33PM:
I think that's a good idea. Perhaps they act as a kind of security measure - if the Dragon supports the Shadow instead of the Light, perhaps they are called to eliminate him, instead.
As I delved further into the interview snippits, I did find references that the Dragon had turned to the Dark One in previous turnings of the wheel, but those 'Last Battles' had always ended in a draw (as evidenced by the world not having ended). I haven't seen anything that specifically links the Heroes of the Horn to those 'turnings', but that doesn't mean they aren't!
Perhaps something about the Dragon Banner tells them what side the Dragon is on?

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