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Welcome Fans - Please read first.
« on: August 23, 2016, 12:16:55 PM »
 Welcome Sanderson Fans to the Black Tower!
Whether you found WoT due to Sanderson, or you found Sanderson due to WoT, we are all fans here.   This area of the Black Tower is devoted to Sanderson’s works.   For now I would like to keep a 6 month spoiler tag policy on Sanderson’s new works.  The exception in Secret Histories, let’s try to avoid discussing that book in the open general forums.
If you want to discuss a different author, please tag it with spoiler warnings.
Sanderson creates many worlds, Cosmere & non-Cosmere alike.  The forum will grow as members join and discussion topics are created.   Send me a message when you want a new sub-forum. 
Per the site’s Code of Conduct, please keep curse words limited to ones used in Sanderson’s books.  Interesting use of punctuation is also allowed.
Send me or a moderator a private message if you encounter problems on the forums.

For more information on or by Brandon Sanderson and his team check out the sites below:
Brandon Sanderson’s official page:
Isaac Stewart’s official artist page:
Ben McSweeny’s official artist page:
Writing Excuses – Regular podcasts by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Taylor, Dan Wells & Mary Robinette Kowal -
Camera Panda – Brandon’s BYU writing lecture series, filmed 2016:
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