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Title: FAQ: Pinning Ceremonies
Post by: Illinger Covale'rahien on April 09, 2017, 04:34:48 PM
I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about pinning ceremonies, since we are planning to do our first official ceremony this year at the JordanCon toast. 

What is a Black-Tower.Net pinning ceremony?

The idea here is for us to have a ceremony to recognize members that have been raised to the rank of Dedicated or Asha’man.  Members who are familiar with or part of might recognize similarities between our pinning ceremony with their shawl ceremony. We took inspiration from them and are thankful for their examples. 

After the scene where Rand gives a short speech and pins the collars of the first Asha'man and Dedicated, we don't see the ceremony again in the books.  Thus as a group, Black-Tower.Net is working out how such a ceremony should operate for us.  That is how traditions get started, after all.  Last year, we spontaneously lined up to salute the newly pinned members. This created a very cool moment, and is a part of the ceremony we will attempt to repeat at JordanCon 9. 

For now, it's up to the organizer(s) to decide how we want the rest of the ceremony to proceed.

I, as M’Hael, am open to suggestions, if anybody has something they would like to share.  Even a silly one; I'm open to any new ideas.  There was one made off site earlier that I'm seriously considering.

Where can one attend or take part in a Black-Tower.Net pinning ceremony?

Pinning ceremonies may be held at any official Black-Tower.Net sponsored event.  So far, the only such event that is planned for 2017 is our annual toast at JordanCon 9.

We hope to widen that out to other events where a large group of Asha'man will be, in the near future.   In particular, The Land of Madmen (Australia) and The Two Rivers (UK) conventions are of special interest to us.  If there is a group of members planning to attend either event, and you would like to hold a ceremony, please PM me directly.  There are some items outside the scope of this topic I would also want to talk to you about.

Private groups getting together may follow, but we're still working out the kinks on how those are organized on the site, first.

Who may attend Black-Tower.Net pinning ceremonies?

As with any Black-Tower.Net sponsored event, this is left to the organizer(s) to decide.

For JordanCon 9, since we're still fairly small, I'm considering having it and our toast be open to the public as a vehicle for recruiting new members (as was the case last year).  A few years down the road, we may revisit the topic.

Members attending the ceremony who are not being pinned, and are not officially ranked, are asked to remove cos-play pins. If this will cause hardship or damage to the costume, the pins may remain.

Who is eligible to take part in a Black-Tower.Net pinning ceremony?

As in the books, any member who has earned the rank of Dedicated or full Asha'man may request to be pinned.  Members must supply their own coat and pins.  If you are not sure of your rank, please check your profile.  Unless you are an Admin or Director, your rank should appear between your name and your avatar.

The ceremony will generally be presided by the senior ranking full Asha'man at the event.  However, that Asha'man may defer this honor to another full Asha'man. (ex. At our JordanCon toast it will generally be me, unless @Rand al'Thor happens to not be busy reading soft-core porn to the Brown Ajah that night. LOL)

Who has already been pinned as an Asha'man?

In the days before Black-Tower.Net, both @Tsingtao and I joked that Rand pinned us at JordanCon 3 and 2, respectively, by way of helping us fix our pins on our coats.

The ceremony conducted last year at JordanCon 8 was not an official ceremony, but since it was Rand doing the pinning we're counting it in that same spirit.  (Not that I'd pass on the chance to stick pins on you guys again, if you wanted it.)  The other reason is that ceremony was a special occasion for JordanCon.  As those of us that were there remember, it was actually cover for a wedding proposal.  Since that was happening, it didn't make sense for us to have our own ceremony last year.

Moving forward, Black-Tower.Net is taking ownership of official pinning ceremonies at any events where we are represented.