Saturday, September 10, 2016

Where do you guys get your gear?

The topic of where to find and how to make parts of an Asha'man costume has, of course, been a recurring conversation in the Facebook group, since we started back in [url=]March[/url].  Okay, I admit we hijacked that thread.  :)  But later conversations, after JordanCon in [url=]April[/url] and [url=]May[/url] were a little more focused.

Costume design and cosplay, not just of Asha'man, are central to what Black-Tower.Net is about.  But sadly, in the buildup towards having this site up in time for DragonCon, I fell behind in keeping the discussion going.  So, I'd like to correct that.

Tell us about your experiences and ideas.  Got a cool looking coat, sword, or accessory you've considered using?  Don't be shy, show us a picture.  Not sure how to approach making your own?  Ask away!  We're here to help.

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